Don't make us laugh.
Hello Hello there. Names Veronica and This is my brother James. We have a wonderful time doing as we please. Whether its torturing or killing we simply have a ball.
(This is an independent oc blog.
M!A: None but accepting. Mun is 18+ so blog will be NSFW at times and it won't always be under a read more. I own none of the art or gifs used unless otherwise stated.)
Be ready for some fun.


[[Text: Vee]] You like? ;)

[[Text: Vee]] Oh my god. I swear I didn’t mean to send that. DON’T HURT ME X.X

[Text] And this is why you are a goober…*sigh*

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    Link smiled to himself, his heart racing as he watched her. Gods, she made it look so easy….
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    She effortlessly danced around the room, hoping to not mess up. Her heart pounded in her chest loudly.